Rug Care & Cleaning

How are Earth Rugs cleaned?
Just like other fine rugs, they can be cleaned with soap and water,
with a mild carpet shampoo or commercially dry-cleaned.
Cleaning enhances the beauty of these rugs.
Vacuum normally. 
Do not machine wash.

What if they get wet?
Jute has natural water repellent characteristics. 
Remember, it is a reed that naturally grows in water. 
Water cannot damage a rug woven from jute fiber.

Braided Rugs, Stair Treads & Chair pads
Clean with mild soap and water using a soft brush or rag. 
Hang to dry or Professionally Dry Clean.
Do Not Machine Wash.

Cotton Rugs & Table Runners
Shake or sweep regularly.
Mini- Vac with care. 
Spot clean with mild soap & water.
Do Not Machine Wash.
Cotton Braided Placemats, Trivets, Coasters & Chair pads
Brush away crumbs.
Do Not Machine Wash.
Printed Braided Rugs & Wicker Weaves
Sweep away dust.
Spot Clean with mild soap & water.
Do Not Machine Wash.

Hand Washing a Braided Rug.

Hand washing your braided rugs outdoors with water, mild soap, and a soft brush cleans and brightens them.

Dry your rug outside in the fresh air and (indirect) sun light.

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