What Are Earth Rugs

What Are Earth Rugs 

Our Braided Earth Rugs are made of 100% Natural Fiber Jute.

Jute is a primary resource fiber, grown directly from the earth.  Jute is cultivated from a sustainable resource in Bangladesh.  It is one of the strongest and oldest fibers known to man.  Therefore our braided rugs are extremely durable, lasting for many years and are biodegradable making them environmentally friendly.

Earth Rugs & Superb Quality 

Luxurious Jute Fiber is our hallmark at Earth Rugs!  We maintain the highest quality jute fiber available for making braided rugs.  Our jute braided rugs are crafted to perfection.  We offer superior dying and stitching.  Our braided rugs are mildew resistant and naturally moth proof.  Jute is a reed that grows in water and has natural water repellant characteristics.  When our braided rugs get wet, they dry quickly and easily.  Earth Rugs are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and on porches exposed to the elements.  We are proud of the fact that Earth Rugs are not treated with any moth proofing chemical.  The natural properties of our jute fiber make our braided rugs naturally moth proof. 

Earth Rugs & Home Safety 

Earth Rugs are naturally fire retardant! 

We are proud of the fact that Earth Rugs have not been treated with any fire retardant chemical.  Our Jute Fiber has natural fire retardant properties.  

Earth Rugs meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Standard FF-2-70 for flammability.  That’s why Earth Rugs are the natural choice near the hearth and in the home! 

Earth Rugs Durability & Cleaning 

Earth Rugs are Long Lasting & Easy Care!
Earth Rugs can be easily cleaned with soap and water.  Periodically clean with water, a little sun and fresh air never hurts. Vacuum normally.  We do not recommend machine washing our fine braided rugs.

Earth Rugs & Style 

Earth Rugs are stylish and beautiful!  Earth Rugs are braided and are timeless.  Our color palette is exquisite.  Only Earth Rugs offers such rich and varied textures in braiding as our patented Quilt Patch Braided Rugs, our whimsical Printed Braided Rugs and coordinating Braided Table Accents.  When you see Earth Rugs a feeling of casual elegance welcomes you!

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