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What Is Jute Fiber

What Is Jute Fiber

Jute braided rugs are made for the rugged individualist in us all.  Jute is the sturdiest of all braided rugs.  They withstand high traffic wear and tear.  Jute is an environmentally friendly fiber.  Jute braided rugs do not shrink or mildew because jute is grown in water, like bamboo. 

Comparing jute fiber to other natural fibers, wool is more expensive and often requires chemical moth proofing.  Wool and cotton braided rugs can both shrink if washed in water.  Cotton fiber, including chenille, is shorter and will break down more quickly than other natural fibers, making it a far less durable fiber than jute fiber.

Comparing jute fiber to synthetic fiber braided rugs, petrochemical base fibers have a half-life of thousands of years!  Synthetic fibers do not disintegrate.  Rugs and braided rugs that rely on a system of extracting chemicals from the earth and processing them in a way that not only damages the environment but human health are not desirable on many levels.  Synthetic fiber braided rugs are like walking on plastic.  Micro-particles are released in the air when vacuumed, walked or crawled upon!  Synthetic braided rugs are simply not an option in a healthy home.

Earth Rugs are the natural choice.

Reverse them to double their wear!

 As natural as walking on grass

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